*Spoiler Alert* Movie Review: Logan

todayMarch 18, 2017 8

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By Edgardo Hernandez Jr.
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Before I begin, I must state that this post will contain SPOILERS about the movie. As well, I must confess my bias of being an X-Men fan and say that Logan was bound from the start to be amazing! The X-Men movie franchise has an act for portraying their characters well and building a bond between the movies and it’s viewers. As well, the franchise is continuously pushing for a more darker history that is part of the comics, which is what makes this final part of the solo Wolverine series long-awaited.

Opening in 2029, in a world where mutants have become scarce, Logan (Wolverine/Hugh Jackman) lives an undying, stagnant life along the mexican border caring for the former leader of X-Men, Charles Xavier (Professor X/Patrick Stewart). Xavier’s telepathic powers have grown unstable as he suffers from seizures that affect everyone around him, which has left Logan to take up the role of caretaker and work as a limo driver in order to provide medication and seek a better life for the both of them. As per usual, trouble finds Logan in the form of a girl born by mutant experiment constructed by Logan’s very own DNA, Laura(X-23/Dafne Keen). Turns out, the government has been experimenting with various types of mutant DNA in hope of creating the perfect mutant-weapon. Typical governmental move.

Photo 1 (1).JPG
Long-awaited Wolverine movie, Logan, sets the tone for future Marvel movies to come! Photo by Edgardo Hernandez, Jr.

It is obvious that Director James Mangold undertook a different tone from what X-Men fans had grown accustomed to. The “R-rating” given to this film is ever-present and clearly the dominating factor that Mangold seeks to unveil. With almost no blood being shed in the X-Men series, Mangold digs deep and uncovers the savage-like Wolverine known to comics and unleashes his claw’s potential for damage early on and throughout the movie. This includes long-awaited action scenes filled with blood as Wolverine and X-23 slice through limbs and pierce straight through the skulls of their enemies.

As the film progresses, it focuses on Logan’s denial for a future and showcases his struggle to find a purpose in life while as he carries an adamantium bullet, just in case. Logan’s condition is eye-opening on the big screen as his drinking problem has grown excessive, he is unable to keep up with fights, and his retractable claws are failing to break through his skin. Although Logan seems disgruntled about life, a hint of care still lingers within Logan as he tends to Professor X and aids Laura in getting to a safe haven for mutants called Eden.

Unfortunately, with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart stating they would not reprise their role again, the movie must come to an end with Logan and Professor X receiving an inevitable emotional death.

Professor X, upon waking from his best sleep in years, pours his heart out to what appears to be Logan and unveils the tragedy he caused with one of his seizures that killed many. Soon after, Xavier is confronted by a clone of Logan who slowly sinks its claws into his chest, giving the audience one last glimpse of life. Sadly, the movie gives little time to dwell and loses focus on the fact that the Great Professor X, the one that started it all, is dead.

As for Logan, he is shown slowly dying throughout the film with his inability to heal properly. Now, for a final stand, Logan puts himself in an all out death match against his clone in order to save Laura and the other mutants trying to reach Eden. Laura thankfully saves Logan, though, with the wounds too severe to heal, he finally tastes his long-awaited death and is at peace for the first time. I found his death scene fantastic, though just a bit abrupt. He may be old and worn-out, but the beast inside him could’ve made a last appearance to finish off the clone.

The X-Men franchise and the Wolverine spinoffs had their ups and downs over all these years, but they sure left an impression on their audience wanting more. Logan brings together both emotion and action in a uncensored edition that brings justice to this ending. Mangold gave the audience an experience they’ve longed for but never received, until now.

Featured image by Edgardo Hernandez, Jr.

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