Tom Misch: Beat Tape 2 Review

By Alexandra Sereno
Music Journalist

Artist: Tom Misch
Album: Beat Tape 2
Release Date: August 28, 2015
Label: Beyond the Groove

Where does one even begin when describing Tom Misch’s talent? A composer, guitarist, bassist, violinist and singer are just a few things to list when speaking of the twenty-one-year-old’s artistry. Having started learning the violin at the age of three, Misch had an early onset of creativity. Tom then started learning how to produce in his early high school years where he used Logic Pro as a platform to bring his ideas to life. From then on Misch took inspiration from J Dilla, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest while combining that with his own musical talent.

Beat Tape 2 is categorized as indie/alternative, but if you listen closely it’s a lot smoother and more jazzy than that. Misch has said in previous interviews he takes a lot of his inspiration from Brazilian and classical beats (as well as the aforementioned). One of my favorite tracks on the album is titled “Wander With Me”. This track features Carmody’s sultry voice and Misch on the guitar. “Wander With Me” is soothing and melodic – it’s wonderful to have on softly in the background when you’re working on a project or having a casual conversation amongst friends.

In continuation, another wonderfully executed song is “Your Love”, which features the lovely Alexa Harley. The grooves keep rolling throughout this song with different drum elements weaving in and out along with Misch killing it on the guitar (again). When you listen to most of Tom Misch’s music, you’ll find that he is playing multiple instruments on top of working in his production skills. Misch is extremely humble and subtle when it comes to his talent, but I will happily boast about his magnificence. The young man is extremely talented and worth taking the time to listen to.

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