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Three Helpful Hints When Renting A Car

todayMarch 27, 2017 22

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Renting a car can be a stressful event for some people because they are afraid of getting cheated out of their money. Rental cars are often beat up and contain a multitude of problems. However this blog post contains three helpful hints which will help anyone renting a car relax.

Record Everything

The first action a person must do when renting a car is to examine everything. Rental cars are treated like warhorses so they get beat up a lot. Customers driving rental cars are unfamiliar with the uniqueness of the car and are likely to mess something up. So when renting a car make sure to take pictures of every single scratch, dent or damage done to the car before taking it of the lot. This way there is no chance for the car rental company to blame you for any damage done to the car by a previous customer or themselves. Just a couple weeks ago I actually rented a car from Enterprise when my car was in the shop. The car I given to me to drive was a 2016 Hyundai Elantra. While inspecting the car I noticed that the car did not have any sizable dents or scratches until I was looking into the interior. The hole for the key to be inserted in contained lines formed from many previous drivers missing the key hole. If I had only inspected the outside of the car for wear and tear I never would of noticed these scratches for they were in a hard to notice spot, right underneath the steering wheel. Also check out the speedometer. I rented out a car with more miles on it than cars than cars five years older than it. Many rental cars are like this because they are driven a lot. Be prepared for any mechanic problems a rental car might have when renting it. Never pay for damage that you did not cause.

Check every aspect of your rental vehicle before driving it. Photo by Austin Cowan.

My point is to always be thorough when examining the condition of a rental car. By doing so not only are you protecting yourself from being cheated out of money but it is a great way to avoid unnecessary conflict in the future.  It is a smart move in any circumstance to maintain documentation of an item being borrowed so that both the lender and the receiver will come to an agreement over who is responsible for any damage done to an item being borrowed.

Drive Smart

When driving a rental car remember that it belongs to someone else. Therefore any damage done to the car while the renter is in position of it is passed onto them. For all the people like me in the world I do not like spending money to fix things that should not of gotten broken. When renting a car I am extremely cautious to make sure that nothing harms the car when I am behind the wheel. However, driving safe is just a good rule of thumb in general. 

Prepare for Emergency Trips

When renting a car I had to be ready to return that rental as soon as Caliber Collision, was done repairing my car. I was at a retreat the weekend I needed to pick my car up so I had to stop what I was doing and go get my car. Do not get me wrong I was glad to get Nightcrawler (I named my Focus after Nightcrawler from X-Men) back. It was just annoying that I had to miss out on an experience I could’ve enjoyed with my friends. Taking good care of your car is highly important but always be prepared to return a rental car back at a moment’s notice to avoid extra payments and fees.

Renting a car is not hard to do. Before driving a car off the lot examining it for any damage it may possess then drive it carefully. If you do this then there is nothing to worry about when renting a car.

Featured image by Austin Cowan.

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