Electric Guest: Plural Review

By Alexandra Sereno
Music Journalist 

Artist: Electric Guest
Album: Plural
Release Date: February 17, 2017
Label: Because Music, Downtown Records and Dew Process
Website: http://electricguestmusic.com

Electric Guest has finally returned after taking a step back for about 5 years since their release of Mondo. The Californian duo transmit a variety of different influences throughout Plural, supplying their listeners with a new sound. Plural is fused with a little bit of reggae and electronic 80’s pop. This record is surely worth listening to from start to finish. 

Plural opens with a track titled “Zero” which starts off with a cheerful piano and laid-back vocals. From there, the album shifts with each song, giving off plenty of retro electronic beats and fresh grooves.“Dear to Me” is a track that perfectly sums up the 80’s sound that Electric Guest seems to be aiming for with this record. It seems that this record has a lot more keyboard usage than their first album Mondo. The entire album is extremely groovy and delivers well-produced electronic music and soulful pop. If you’re not a fan of dream pop, this album is not for you, but if you are, you’ll find the record to be super catchy.

Some of my favorite tracks I recommend listening to are “Glorious Warrior”, “Dear To Me”, “Oh Devil”, “Back For Me” and “Bound to Lose”.

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