Positivity in Plants

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

During my first year at college, I found myself missing something that I couldn’t exactly pinpoint. Then it hit me. At home, I had responsibilities of taking care of my dog and plants. Obviously, I couldn’t take my dog to college (sniffles) and I didn’t think to grab my plants. Therefore, I decided that I would buy a plant, so that I would have something to take care of. I went out and bought a Bamboo plant. I realized how much more content I felt afterwards, so I will be talking about the overall benefits that gardening can have!

Plants make you happy. Seeing your healthy plant can evoke feeling of relaxation and improve your overall mood. It may seem odd, but the Feng Shui the plants can bring will make you feel like you are in control and lighthearted at the same time. Another great benefit is that they reduce stress, and who wouldn’t like less stress?

My Bamboo plant is perfect for me because it doesn’t call for too much light or too much water. Photo by Kimberly Garcia.

Plants help clean air. Acting as a constant filter, plants take in carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen into the room. Their filter also sets up for a nice work space. The larger the plant, the more productive your space may become. They clean out all the indoor air pollutants that are created by A/C units and dust.

They help you concentrate. With all of this clean air, it will help your brain function even more clearly. Most offices and schools have plants around their buildings, not only because they add a nice look, but because of their ability to help students and employees operate better.

They make you healthier. Not only do studies show that plants have made sick patients recover faster, but plants also keep you from getting sick. On top of providing more oxygen, the plants can serve as an absorber of the nasty air components. Cleaner air also leads to improvement in your sleep. The clean oxygen can soften the air and keep your skin hydrated.

Plants offer a ton of benefits, especially indoors. They can help you be a better you and give you a new outlook on different situations. With these positive benefits, you will be adding nothing but positivity to your life. If you’re not sure which plants would work best for you, HGTV has a great list of which plants have the best benefits.

Featured image by Asia Daggs.

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