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By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

Watching television is one of my favorite things to do during my leisure time. Even if I’m at home studying, I like having my TV on for background noise. I love keeping my TV on channels like Comedy Central or TBS in the mornings because sitcoms are usually playing. I am a huge fan of sitcoms because they can consist of so much laughter and conflict in just 30 minutes. Situational comedies are even better because they depict a group of friends in some kind of trouble each episode but in a different setting and with different types of people.

I’m sure everyone has their favorite duo or group to watch get into some trouble. For instance, f you’re a fan of “Shameless”, you probably want to be a Gallagher for a day. For me, these are the characters I wouldn’t mind hanging out with.

If you haven’t watched “Archer”, you should start binging now on Netflix. The seventh season just got added and the newest season just started on FXX. “Archer” is about an agent, Sterling Archer, that works for a spy agency called the International Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS. He is accompanied by his on and off girlfriend, Lana Kane, her ex, Cyril, their obnoxious and weird secretary Cheryl and and HR director Pam. Their conflicts revolve around being stuck in ridiculous situations while on missions for Sterling’s mother, Malory, who runs ISIS. Sterling can best be described as a sarcastic, self-absorbed asshole. Lana is very serious and would like to be able to do her job without Sterling messing things up, and Pam and Cheryl always end up making things worse for them because they are not cut out for field work. They are the worst team ever, but they work together so well in the end. Each character is so unique and just wild in their own way. They constantly make snarky comments at each other and it makes the conflict and the one liners in the show gold. There are a lot of pop culture references in the show as well. The first episode had me hooked with “Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.”

Another favorite is of course the boys of “South Park”. “South Park” is the most iconic series on Comedy Central. The show is a comedy, but there is some moral story to each episode, and what better way to get a message across than to have a group of bad fourth-graders portraying it? My favorite character on the show is of course Eric Cartman. Eric is kind of like Sterling Archer in a way. When Cartman is in conflict he only cares about himself and resorts to insulting his peers. Stan is the most serious character in the show and is the most mature of the boys. He is the character that has a good head on his shoulders. I could also say the same thing about Kyle. He is often picked on the most, especially by Cartman. Then there’s sweet little Kenny. He talks, but you don’t ever hear what he’s saying because his mouth is covered by his hoodie. He often just goes along with the situations his friends put him in, and it gets him killed occasionally. One of my top ten episodes is when the boys come together to beat some internet warriors at World of Warcraft.

“I love being able to watch my favorite episodes whenever I want. “Photo by Allison Johnson.

The gang of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” always keeps me shook. When I get up in the mornings, “It’s Always Sunny” is usually on Comedy Central. It’s the perfect show to watch in the mornings while getting ready for a long day of classes and work. The gang consists of Charlie, Dee, Frank, Mac and Dennis, who are a group of adult friends that own the bar Paddy’s Pub. The show focuses on the immature and at times illegal adventures of the gang. I will never forget the episode, “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare.” In the episode, Dee and Dennis quit their jobs at the bar after Frank becomes a bad boss to them, so they go on unemployment and begin acting like bums all day. Mac reminds them it will run out so Dee and Dennis then apply for welfare.

Last but not least, “Workaholics”. Even though the show has ended, I still enjoy watching Ders, Adam, and Blake make a mess of themselves. The guys were all roommates and worked together at a call center called Telamericorp. There were some reoccurring cast members that made the show special too, but the bond between Ders, Adam, and Blake was especially strong. Each episode is filled with the guys hanging out, working together, and then getting into some trouble later in the day. Girls and weed often lead them to mischief, but one of my favorite situations they were in was when the guys learn that their taxes go to schools. The guys are playing on a playground and find a dragon they like so they decide to steal it because “they paid for it.” After a drunken night, the guys wake up to find a group of high schoolers stealing it, so of course, they go the extra mile to pretend to be in high school to get it back. You can watch the show on Hulu. Give it a chance, you will “FUR SURE” like it. Also, check out their YouTube channel before they got famous. 

Featured image by Allison Johnson.

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