In The Public Interest Discusses Issues With Fake News

By Amanda Forbes and Aaron Derton
In the Public Interest Hosts

The exact origins of April Fools remain a mystery, but some historians speculate that it dates back to 1582 when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. People who were slow to get the news failed to recognize the change and celebrated the new year on April first rather than January first became the butt of the joke.

Last week’s IPI focused on fake news, which has been a contentious issue over the last year. If you missed the episode, check it out below.

Martin Ramirez’s satirical story is about President Trump’s most recent political appointee, Colonel Sanders of KFC.

Jackie Ordonio did a story about how Texas State no longer requires students to be vaccinated (they still do).

Fake News Article_ AnacBelenCobos
Fake news can spread at any level. Texas State has dealt with several cases over various topics. Illustration by Ana Cobos.

The final story is by Morgan Burrell, who talks about the concept of fake news and what defines it.

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Featured illustration by Joseph Wallace.

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