Blu Moon at Dahlia Woods Gallery

By Ana Belen Cobos
Live Blogger

Since 1 p.m., at Dahlia Woods Gallery, I’ve observed the open support San Martians give artists. Some girls said she was speeding on the freeway from the anticipation of making it on time to see TXNY perform. And then there’s Blu Moon.

Blu Moon performing their set at Dahlia Woods Gallery. Photo by Megan Bandstra.

I’ve seen Blu Moon vocalist, Kendra Sells present during almost all of the other artists performances at Dahlia Woods, dancing along wholeheartedly. As they were setting up I asked a girl if she was here to see Blu Moon. She said yes and that, “[Kendra] is a really good vocalist.” This comment and the crowd that followed were just another clear example of the support for artists in San Marcos. And, it’s not just college students that show support for musicians, all kinds of people from the entire San Marcos community show genuine excitement for artists.

I had previously read an article about Blu Moon and was intrigued. But, it was not until today that I got to see the play live. I was actually pretty excited since they were one of the bands I knew about beforehand. I was not disappointed. I loved their style, sounds and Kendra really is a great vocalist along with being a charismatic performer. The audience was genuinely enjoying themselves. One guy next to me said he, “was really getting into that last song.”

The great news is that they’re not done. Blu Moon will be at KIVA at 10 p.m. tonight!

Featured image by Megan Bandstra.

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