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Thank you, Texas State University

By Calvin L MillerWeb Content Contributor After two years, my long journey of attaining a master’s degree is now complete, all thanks to Texas State University and its wonderful staff. When I graduated with my bachelor’s in 2011 and relocated to Dallas, Texas, I floated around from job to job until I ended up accidentally becoming a teacher for three years. However, after five years in Dallas, I knew I […]

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All About Your Favorite Radio Station: KTSW FM-89.9

By Ally BolenderNews Content Manager KTSW 89.9 is a completely student-run and noncommercial radio station from Texas State University. Under the faculty advisor, Dan Schumacher, students interested in media can get hands-on experience working in one of our many departments. 14 different departments work to pull together the content you hear and see from KTSW. From sports, web content, news, podcasts, social media and events, there is always a way […]

todayOctober 2, 2020 74

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College Radio Day

Keeping it Connected

By Jernice KelleyWeb Content Contributor As a radio listener, I love the kind of unique, sometimes niche programming you get on college radio. It is possibly one of the best ways to find new music. College radio today does not only provide music but quality programming as well. KTSW has 14 departments that help make our radio station inclusive and allows us to expand our reach. As a station, KTSW […]

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College Radio Day

Why College Radio Day

By Tiger ShiWeb Content Contributor Since 2011, College Radio Day has been a success in spreading the message that radio broadcasting in college is important. You might be thinking what exactly is college radio day? According to the College Radio Foundation, college radio day is a special day celebrated annually to raise awareness on how much college radio has impacted our lives. It originated in a New Jersey university which […]

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College Radio Day

There is a Place for You at KTSW

By Rachael GerronWeb Content Contributor Despite what you might think, college radio is so much more than a few DJ’s sitting in a room playing local indie bands and talking about college sports. While that may have been the case in decades prior, KTSW is an organization that embraces change and is constantly evolving. Beyond the live broadcasts on KTSW 89.9 FM, the station also hosts live events, runs a […]

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College Radio Day

College Radio Stations Around Texas

By Paige GreeneWeb Content Assistant Manager Whether you know it or not, many Texas colleges have radio stations for their students to listen to. Below are a few of the stations around the campus’ in Texas. College Radio Stations Around Texas. Image by Paige Greene. KANM 99.9 Texas A&M is home to KANM 99.9, a 100% student-run station that was founded in 1972. DJs are encouraged to branch out and […]

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Laveda: What Happens After Album Review

By Nate ZivinMusic Journalist At the first listen to Laveda’s latest studio release What Happens After, my heart started racing. Overwhelmed by finally finding a great band, which seems so hard to do these days, I knew Laveda was worthwhile to get invested in. Laveda sonically sensationalizes all the right taste buds at once. The swelling, chorusy guitar sound at the beginning of their title track “Ghost,” a massive wash […]

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Smoove & Turrell: Stratos Bleu Album Review

By Jennifer AriolaMusic Journalist From the first song, I was immediately drawn into this album and felt as if I had jumped in a time machine and traveled to the '70s. Stratos Bleu is the newest album from the British musical group Smoove & Turrell, a duo including Jonathan Scott Watson and John Turell. The style of music they play is self-named “Northern Funk,” which is a blend of soul, […]

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Web Content

We Support Black Lives Matter

By KTSW Web Content StaffKTSW Web Content As a station, we have delayed making a statement on the Black Lives Matter movement and this has delayed our writers from being able to share their voices and opinions on the matter. We are deeply apologetic toward our community for not showing our open support sooner. Now that we have taken steps toward addressing the issues that are affecting the black community, […]

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