Good Morning from MR Fest

By Asia Daggs
Web Content Director

Volunteers work together on hanging a banner across the Courthouse Lawn. Photo by Brooke Adams.

It is Saturday morning and we are up early preparing The Square for the biggest day of MR Fest. The managers, executives and assistants met up early this morning to move equipment to all of our 10 venues and register dozens of volunteers. The atmosphere is high-energy and optimistic as volunteers rev up for the 10th annual MR Fest.

The volunteers are in overdrive as they anticipate the day’s festivities. Banners are being hung up around town, flyers are covering The Square and venues already are ready for people to come in and have a good time. We are preparing for a major influx of people at this event; we are expecting over 2,000 attendees to come out and enjoy our 60+ performers.

MR Fest is a huge deal and a lot of fun and it would be a shame for you to miss out! If you make the right choice to come, you can check out our schedule for today here. Hope to see you there!

Featured image by Brooke Adams.

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