The Real Hands and MR Fest: A Trip To The Coast

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

The Real Hands started at Stonewall for MR Fest with several songs off their album Cicada. They were the first band to play at Stonewall on Saturday as an “acoustic trio.” This was the fourth time that The Real Hands have played at MR Fest and they did not disappoint. It felt like you took a road trip to the beach while listening to their set.

Their songs could make anyone’s road trip playlist. From wanting to take a long drive to wishing your toes were in the sand, their music covered it at all. It was laid back and evoked positive vibes from the entire room. Each of their songs had a special story.

Most of their set featured songs from their 2016 album Cicada. Photo by Brooke Adams.

Their song “Castaway” takes you right by the ocean, as it’s about a love story that singer David Russel experienced while on a trip in Port Aransas, TX. He “briefly fell in love with the waitress,” and dedicated the song to her. It placed a humorous but touching tone onto the entire song.

Another MR Fest artist, Cory Mann, was also in attendance for The Real Hands to show support. “I love Pat!” Mann explained. He also said that The Real Hands reminded him of the Beach Boys and that their music is relaxing. “It takes my worries away,” said Mann. Their music took the audience to paradise, and maybe even increased the fever everyone has for summer.

Featured image by Kimberly Garcia.

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