Comedy Takes Over Vodka Street

By Joseph Bonney
Live Blogger

The somber lighting in Vodka Street sets up a smooth atmosphere for the comedians to come tear it up for those in the audience. Jack Neil started to set up the venue and get everyone in the mood before Garrett Buss came out. He started out with a small joke about his life before he transitioned into a story about picking up a french fry a woman dropped to return to her and say, “Why are you like this?” The venue roared in laughter.

Vodka Street gets some GRL PWR HOUR comedy. Photo by Matthew Harrington.

GRL PWR HOUR is a set where only women showcase their comedic chops. “I was here last year, and I thought ‘this is so funny!’ Then I heard they had a GRL PWR HOUR.” was Naomi’s comment about women dominating for a minute. Tabitha tries to level with people about relationships: “You know what sucks more than being ghost-ed by a guy? Being ghost-ed by a job”. By this point, the venue is packed up front; people are close together trying to get in on the jokes as close as possible. 

Afterwards, the comedians managed to carry the comedic torch successfully and had a blast. Jose Bedoy, Jake Rowe and John Tuttle all came through and mixed a lot of fun entertainment to the comedy. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and people were constantly poking fun at themselves. Everyone left with a smile on their face.

Featured image by Matthew Harrington.

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