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San Marcos is on offense running a play against the Smithson Valley defense

Football - San Marcos High School

Rattlers Celebrate Homecoming and Senior Night against Smithson Valley

By Josephfer WilliamsSports Reporter SAN MARCOS, TX – In a night filled with mums and celebration, it was the Smithson Valley Rangers of Comal County who walked away with the 42-7 victory.  The Rattlers were able to put points up on the board early in the first quarter, as quarterback Alex Garcia connected with wide-receiver Nathan Henry on a 51-yard touchdown strike. These were the only points the Rattlers were […]

todayNovember 2, 2019 31

Back to School Broadcast

An Inside Look at the Dean’s List

By Hannah Wisterman Blog Content Contributor We’re officially one week out from starting classes, and my, what a magical time. The start of a new semester is like turning to a clean page, full of new opportunities. Come that exciting Monday morning, we’ll all take another step forward in our education—and I, personally, will be going full, viciously competitive beast mode. I’m currently sitting on the Dean’s List, and I […]

todayAugust 20, 2017 180

Web Content

Let’s Get Depression Right

By Jenise Jackson Blog Content Contributor “Oh you smile way too much, there’s nothing wrong with you.” I hear comments like this all too often. Sure, I smile a lot. Why not show off these gorgeous pearly whites that took almost five years of braces to get somewhat straight? The truth is I use my smile more like a mask, a mask that hides my inner struggle. I have depression. […]

todayMay 22, 2017 151


Comedy Takes Over Vodka Street

By Joseph Bonney Live Blogger The somber lighting in Vodka Street sets up a smooth atmosphere for the comedians to come tear it up for those in the audience. Jack Neil started to set up the venue and get everyone in the mood before Garrett Buss came out. He started out with a small joke about his life before he transitioned into a story about picking up a french fry […]

todayApril 29, 2017 17


MR Fest at Kiva

By Joseph Bonney Live Blogger It’s 12:45 p.m. when the first band of the day, Bogan Villa, begins setting up for the show.  They look like they just came out of the '60s with their wavy attire, but they’re ready to start by 12:50 p.m.  The crowd slowly forms around the group as if an aura grabbed their attention.  During a quick break before they actually start I manage to […]

todayApril 29, 2017 21

Web Content

Earth Day: Going Green in College

By Allison Johnson Blog Content Contributor I can honestly say I have not participated in any Earth Day activities since elementary school. These activities were often made up of learning of ways to keep the earth clean, being energy efficient, and making Earth Day themed arts and crafts. Earth Day wasn’t a big deal in high school either, and there’s no way in hell professors are setting aside time to […]

todayApril 22, 2017 10


Why You Should Be Excited For: Wonder Woman

By Brent Ramirez Blog Content Contributor The film industry has gone leaps and bounds when it comes to adapting comic book properties into live action films in the past few decades. The combination of new film technology and the incorporation of big Hollywood stars has made the comic book film genre the goliath it is today. Despite everything the genre has accomplished, it has truly lacked in one area: female-led […]

todayApril 22, 2017 21


SXSW Space Twenty-Four Twenty Music Showcase

By Savannah Olson Music Journalist Another spring break, another South by Southwest to attend. This year, I decided to hit up Urban Outfitter’s DIY space, Space Twenty-Four Twenty, where they set up a stage and held free concerts for the masses at SXSW. The first day consisted of a slew of hip hop/pop artists, with rising stars like the El Paso native Khalid and “Broccoli” writer, D.R.A.M. Two artists stood out […]

todayApril 20, 2017 46


A Sit Down With Charly Bliss at SXSW

By Joseph Bonney Music Journalist  On a Tuesday afternoon at SXSW, I approached the venue where New York pop rock band Charly Bliss was performing.  As I walked into the venue, I could hear Eva Hendricks singing the song "Love Me". The rest of the band, Spencer Fox (guitarist), Dan Shure (bassist) and Sam Hendricks (drummer) were playing strongly to amplify her voice. After the performance, I approached their manager who pointed me […]

todayApril 19, 2017 35

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