MR Fest Artists Gallery

By Renee Dominguez
Staff Photographer

These pictures were taken around Austin and San Marcos over the course of two weeks. They include some of the bands that performed at the 2017 10th Annual MR Fest, hosted by your own, KTSW.

I had a crazy fun, and at times stressful, time wandering around Austin and San Marcos these last two weeks with some of the bands playing at MR Fest. It was an amazing learning experience and an overall thrilling adventure. It made me realize that taking pictures of bands performing is completely different than just taking pictures of people. I often forget that the bands and artists on stage are regular people like me. I was so lucky to have been able to be graced with their presence because each band brought their own vibe and energy to their shoot. I tried to get the pictures to all match and somehow relate. Then I realized that there’s no point to try to make them all the same because none of these bands are the same. They are from all different genres. Some were used to having their picture taken and others didn’t know what to do with their hands. Actually, no one knew what to do with their hands.

Each experience with these bands was unforgettable. From exploring the Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin for the first time with Empire Machines, to describing what taco I would be over breakfast with Lantic. From witnessing an impromptu jam session in The Cold Tony’s living room, to rearranging the Halfways’. From blinding The Cover Letter with sunlight at Mount Bonnell, to chasing peacocks and almost falling off a cliff with Foxmoor Express at Mayfield Park. Each of these bands was so thankful to me, but honestly, this has been an incredible experience that I am so grateful to KTSW for giving me a platform to express myself creatively. Also, a BIG thank you to all of the bands for taking the time to meet with me and be a part of my gallery.

All photos taken by Renee Dominguez

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