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KTSW Loves

KTSW Loves: Austin Angels

By Andrea MauWeb Content Assistant Manager Since 2009 nonprofit organization Austin Angels has been focused on the support of children and caretakers in the foster care system through their various volunteer efforts, providing supplies for day-to-day life and mentorship. Austin Angels serve to connect potential foster families to foster children with the Dare to Dream project, and continued guidance of those families with around the clock support from a mentor. […]

todayJanuary 26, 2021 721

All of the mac n cheese the festival had to offer.


The Austin Mac & Cheese Festival Power Ranking

By Daniel RichterWeb Content Contributor On Nov. 10, the fourth annual Austin Mac & Cheese Festival took place at Carson Creek Ranch. Over 1,000 mac & cheese lovers came out for a day of music, drinks and as much mac & cheese as one could eat. There were tons of vendors promoting all sorts of charities, restaurants and brands. But the 20 mac & cheese vendors who were all gunning […]

todayNovember 20, 2019 42

Black, green, pink poster promoting Other Side Drive


Other Side Drive Chats with Mike Melinoe

By Mason MooreOther Side Drive Host Other Side Drive host Mason Moore was joined by Austin hip-hop artist, Mike Melinoe. They discussed his new album, the process behind his projects and his determination to connect with people through his art. You can check out Melinoe’s music on Spotify as we anticipate the release of his upcoming album. Featured image by KTSW Multimedia.

todayOctober 23, 2019 19

An image containing several mathematical symbols in varying colors


Math Rock: What is it?

By Bridget DunbarMusic Journalist Math and music don’t always seem to go together. But math rock is the perfect combination of the two. This genre is diverse; some use distortion while others use clean tones to highlight the rhythm of the music, some of the main features of this genre. Drums and guitars are common instruments, similarly to the inspiring genres of emo and rock. There are many math rock […]

todayOctober 18, 2019 166

Three women pose in front of a gray wall. Elese stands between Richard (left) and Neel (right)


Other Side Drive Chats with Casandra Elese

By Sara Neel and Alexis RichardOther Side Drive Hosts Other Side Drive hosts, Sara Neel and Alexis Richard sat down with singer/songwriter Casandra Elese. Elese shared experiences from her journey as a competitor in the’s Opening Act competition. Elese made it to the top 16 battle rounds. The Austin native opened up about the support she received during the competition, her latest album, the process of songwriting and her […]

todayOctober 14, 2019 37

A cartoonish drawing of a frog with the words, Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album, above it. Under it has the month and year it was released, September ‘83, and Daniel Johnston’s name.


Reflecting on Daniel Johnston’s Life

By Kevin BaxterMusic Journalist Earlier this month, we lost one of the most brilliant songwriters with one of the most interesting lives to touch music. Daniel Johnston is usually described as an outsider folk artist who got recognition partially due to the sheer amount of cassettes he would hand out for free. While working at a McDonald’s in Austin, for instance, he would pass out his home-recorded tapes, sometimes putting […]

todayOctober 9, 2019 122

A flyer for the 26th Annual Austin Film Festival and Writers Conference. It is violet colored with the Austin skyline in the background. The text says,” 26th Annual Austin Film Festival and Writers Conference. October 24-31, 2019. Use promo code K-T-S-W-F-P for $15 off film passes.”


Austin Film Festival is Back!

By Ally BolenderWeb Content Contributor Austin Film Festival season is back, baby! Austin Film Festival is Oct. 24 – 31 this year – eight days of films across seven venues with the industry’s best professionals. Come check out the films on the verge of release, Oscar nominees, television premieres, competition films and documentaries featured during the festival. There will also be script readings and Q&As by your favorite writers, actors […]

todayOctober 1, 2019 26

The quartet stands onstage, instruments in hand, in front of a wooden panel adorned with light bulbs, recreating the album artwork for "Basking in the Glow".


Oso Oso, The Sidekicks & Future Teens at Barracuda Austin

By Jake DromgooleMusic Journalist Labor Day holds the promise of a variety of activities over the course of the much anticipated three-day weekend. Families and friends are provided the opportunity to gather and celebrate a day off, savoring those last days of endless sunshine, far from office worries or looming deadlines. Students are able to enjoy one last morsel of summer before the school year kicks into gear. For many, […]

todaySeptember 17, 2019 64

Two females posing on both sides of a male in front of a gray background.


Other Side Drive Chats with Richie Charles

By Arielle Raveney and Cheyenne YoungOther Side Drive Hosts Other Side Drive hosts Arielle and Cheyenne sat down with Austin artist Richie Charles. Charles stopped by KTSW while on his current U.S. tour. His next stop being Omaha, Nebraska. Charles released his EP Brake Lights back in 2018. They chatted about Charles' passion for music, life in Austin and what’s next for him. Charles even teased an upcoming single and […]

todayAugust 12, 2019 39

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