MR Fest 2017: Street Fashion

By Maria Martinez
Blog Content Contributor

This year’s MR Fest, was a total success as usual. People enjoyed themselves as they watched their favorite local bands perform around downtown San Marcos. I went out and did the same thing; however, I also walked all around The Square looking for the best street style looks.

It was not hard finding the best. Everywhere I turned, someone was wearing something super cool. I saw a little bit of everything at the venues; there were the rockers, the hippies, the indies, the girlies, etc. This is why I love fashion, because with whatever you choose to wear; you are letting everyone know a little part of who you are.

One thing that I noticed was that mostly everyone was rocking some 90’s trend. Crop tops, high waist jeans, plaid, stripes, bandanas, sneakers, band t-shirts, were all around MR Fest. These trends are also seen at many of the other music festivals around the country. Save some of these looks for your next festival!

Here are some some of the best looks I found! They will totally serve you as an outfit inspo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos by Maria Martinez.

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