You Should Quit Your Soda Habit

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By Alexandra Cochran
Blog Content Contributor

Companies like Coca Cola have been around for quite some time – since 1886 to be exact – and until people realize soda is repulsive for your inner organs, it’s legendary packaging and convenience will continue on.

I was never into soda and in fact my mother always insisted my siblings and I consumed water as our primary drink to instill healthy growing habits. I do however, enjoy the flavor of Dr. Pepper or any local root beer every few years because yes, I’m a human and those flavors mix really well with ice cream.  I do also know that soda is linked to many issues like rapid weight gain due to the sickening amounts of sugar per serving and contains caffeine that happens to be the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive and unregulated drug.

Colonel John Pemberton, who was wounded in the American Civil War and became addicted to morphine, created the first Coca-Cola. Pemberton eventually began to find a substitute for the problematic drug while living in Georgia and created coca wine and later, registered his French Wine Coca as Coca-Cola and claimed it cured diseases, including morphine addiction and nerve disorders. Each typical can contains 28 grams of sugar usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup. The problem with high fructose corn syrup is the most cost effective ways of for companies to sweeten their products, but also causes greater health risks than other sweeteners. Overall, consuming added sugars, particularly as sweetened soft drinks, is strongly linked to weight gain. 

“For those who are addicted to soda or alcohol and are attempting to change their lifestyles, I would highly recommend switching to sparkling water, specifically, La Croix.” Illustration by Joseph Wallace.

Soda is sold throughout our country through peripheral route. This technique focuses on cues that trigger automatic acceptance without forcing much thinking upon consumers. This relates to soda in many ways since every commercial is an emotion based, feel good while everyone’s getting together and bonding over the soda products. This is an easy selling point for soda companies because consumers are heavily guilty of associating good moods with impulse purchases. Because of the terrible side effects of soda and the lack of alcohol I consume, I’ve gotten creative with what I choose to drink during parties or special occasions. For those who are addicted to soda or alcohol and are attempting to change their lifestyles, I would highly recommend switching to sparkling water, specifically, La Croix. Also known as club soda, this carbonated drink is a delicious and a no calorie, no sugar, no sodium, naturally flavored water. I usually pick up a 12 pack before get-togethers or hanging out with friends. Not only are they super refreshing; they have really great flavors always available at our local HEB. 

If we don’t begin the bad habits of consuming soda, it’s easier to stay away from them. But if you’re addicted to soda, like thousands of other Americans are addicted because of the caffeine, it’s time to forget about the empty calories and begin to focus on how you can cut back without feeling the misery of quitting cold turkey.

Featured illustration by Joseph Wallace.

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