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By Allison L. Johnson
Blog Content Contributor 

If you are an avid twitter user, @Givenchyass most likely made a debut on your twitter timeline with the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory. There’s a chance you may have heard this one beforehand, but for a lot of people this was their first time. Most millennials, and even our parents remember Avril Lavigne, she was the Pop-Punk Princess of our time. Her singles “Sk*terboi”, “Complicated”, and “Girlfriend” were some of the anthems of our generation. I would say we have not paid much attention to Avril over the years since “What the hell” was on repeat on our iPods, so I think most of the hype of this theory came from her being relevant again.

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You can check out all of her curated threads, including the Avril Lavigne one, on her profile. Photo via Twitter.

If you’re like me, you never knew much about Avril’s personal life. I was the queen of buying J-14 and Tigerbeat magazines as a kid, but I cannot recall reading about Avril being depressed over the death of her grandpa. Maybe if I did remember that being an issue for her, the theory would have been a little more convincing. I’ll be honest though, at first when I read it on some random conspiracy theory site years ago, I laughed. When I read it on twitter and read the hyped replies of people thinking it was a true, I tried to be open-minded to the idea of the music industry replacing such an iconic artist to keep money coming in, but let’s be real. Avril Lavigne is still alive, and we are just suckers for a good hype.

I messaged the anonymous account on Twitter, and asked if she wanted to answer a few questions for me. She doesn’t have a name on her profile, just a lowercase k, so I will refer to her as that. In a world full of anonymity, k is still the sweetest. She has stated on twitter that her account grew from 1.5K followers to 33K after posting the Avril thread. She said before she started tweeting conspiracy theories in forms of threads, she tweeted threads of personal stories and gained a small audience from that. She keeps her account anonymous because of the storytelling, kids from school and because her parents don’t understand Twitter. That is totally understandable, but I think it is nice that she is considering going public when she goes off to college.

Here is the link to the Avril conspiracy theory thread from k’s twitter account, but in case you don’t have time to read it, here’s the conspiracy theory in an elevator pitch: “Avril Lavigne committed suicide after her grandpa died in 2003, so the music industry replaced her with a doppelganger named Melissa.”

I was personally curious to what sparked her interests in conspiracy theories, so I asked about that as well. k said that she’s been watching Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory videos for about three years now. She also looks for information from other Youtube vloggers and online forums where people discuss theories. k plans to stick with tweeting theories, and she loves interaction with her followers and is taking theory requests. So, if you know of one and want us to know about it, shoot her a DM on twitter.

k told me she gets her information from Shane Dawson, so here’s a link to his explanation of the Avril theory:

Now this is something you might be wondering, so I made sure I got around to asking k if she believes in these conspiracy theories herself. She explained that she has researched it more and finds information that debunks the entire theory, so she does not believe it too much. k said she completely believes in the conspiracy theory of Princess Diana’s death, but some pieces of the Amanda Bynes theory sound convincing as well. This is a fun account to follow, so if you’re looking for some witty storytelling I’d give k a follow. Again, the people behind the theories are in it just for the fun, so don’t take it seriously.

Featured image via Twitter.

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