Snap Map: Snapchat’s Creepy New Feature

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By Jenise Jackson
Blog Content Contributor

Snap Map – the new Snapchat update that lets people view Snaps by location. The update even lets you share exactly where you are with your friends, as well as follow their location. I can only speak for myself, but I find this extremely creepy.

Although this feature can be turned off by putting yourself on Ghost Mode, I guess most people would be intrigued to use Snap Map. You probably do not want miss out on all of your buddies out having a good time or you might be in one of those relationships where you want to know where your partner is at all times. There are tons of other reasons why you would be intrigued by this new feature, but I would argue that safety should be a big concern for users.

Think about all the potential people out there that would want to use this tracking system for bad intentions. Let’s face it, our society does not always make good decisions when it comes to using social media. We tend to have the attitude, “It could never happen to me.” But allowing our physical location to be discovered could possibly put us in a great amount of danger when it comes to stalkers, kidnappers, etc. I do not like everyone knowing where I am at all times. I do not use the feature on Facebook that allows you to check-in at locations because I am scared of people knowing the exact building I am in and showing up there along with me. Well the Snap Map can pinpoint you down to the exact address of where you currently are, whether that place is a public location, residence, etc. So if you have this feature on, every single time you open up Snapchat you are basically broadcasting, “Hey guys, I am here!” There are just too many dangerous scenarios that could play out that make me very hesitant of the Snap Map. Say you are home alone one night and you decide to go check out people’s stories on Snapchat. Without the intentions of doing so, you just let people know exactly where you live. What if you are walking alone and you get a Snapchat notification, so you decide to open the app and check it out? Again, you just unintentionally let people know your exact location.

Now Snap has said that only mutual friends can see each other on the map, but there are some masterminds when it comes to using technology and use that expertise for the wrong reasons. And we all have those individuals on Snapchat that we know of, but are not really friends with in real life. People say that this new feature is a threat to the many children who now have access to the Snapchat app, but in reality it is a threat to all ages. I know this is the age of technology and we are obsessed with the idea of sharing our information and life with others through social networking. It seems like there is practically no way of not doing this unless you live under a rock, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. There is no doubt that I love my social media; I like the idea of being able to stay connected and up-to-date with things that are going on around me. However, I also value my safety, so you will not be finding me using the Snap Map at all. The choice is all yours on whether or not you do the same, but I’m definitely going “ghost”. I have included the instruction for any of you wanting to stay private. Play safe, everyone!

How To Enable “Ghost Mode”

  1. Once you are in camera mode, use two fingers to pinch the screen and squeeze towards the center.
  2. Once you see the Snap Map, look at the top right hand corner and click the setting button.
  3. There you should see the option for “Ghost Mode”. Enable it and your location will no longer be shared.

Featured image by Jenise Jackson. 

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