We Are Gonna Have A Good Day

By DeMornay Harper
Blog Content Contributor

It is so easy to get stuck in an everyday routine. We go to work and school. We have the places we like to pepper in to our routines like the gym, a run to the mall, or hanging with friends. However, for the most part, the days tend to blend together. There are events that serve as little mile markers on our journey of life; such as concerts, vacations and other activities that we anticipate like sunshine on a cloudy day. These memories are special and are held in a certain part of our memory bank that is exclusive. Despite the joy we feel during these times filled with fun activities, the absolute best days are the beautiful, raw, and so very unplanned.

I am the type of person that lives for unplanned moments. Sometimes it is driving down Riverside drive at midnight with the Austin skyline reflected on the lake, the most perfect song playing and surrounded by friends that hold such an important part of me. Other times it is looking at someone’s soul through the windows in their face and knowing and trusting them to see you just as deep. It may even be times with music filling up the moment and shared with a person that fills me up. I am a total sucker and when I am immersed in moments as special as these and feel them so deep, I just want to grab whosever hands I am experiencing it with and truly share it with them.

Photo 2 (2)
I love this magic man! Photo courtesy of Briana Blueitt.

The best days are the days that live out like those moments. These days can start out totally normal, deepening on how in-tune you are you might even be able to feel the energy building for greatness. They are filled with adventure and honesty, excitement and magic. You spend them surrounded by the people that you love. The people that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside just from their friendship. These days are not necessarily postmarked with a special event, but the entire day itself is special just because the vibe is so pure and wonderful.

To have times like this, you have to leave yourself open. You need to be unafraid to be vulnerable and to truly connect to people, time, and spaces in such a way to allow them to fill you with wholehearted joy. It is not easy, but the rewards are rich in spirit and soul.

Featured image by DeMornay Harper.


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