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By Dedrion Weweh
Blog Content Contributor

Music has always come natural to me, and despite this not always being the case for everyone else, I believe anyone has the capability of being able to find solace through playing music. You do not have to be the next upcoming superstar to be able to enjoy creating, practicing, and crafting tunes. From guitars to software programs, there is an array of options of things to play.

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“Online tutorials and guides have made it a lot easier to pickup on music in the 21st century.” Photo via

Although music can be an expensive hobby, these days you can purchase pre-owned and discounted equipment from local shops or online retailers. Depending upon what you are looking to play, music software such as Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic Pro X can go a long way for the financial value they pose. Creativity can be learned and does not need to be required in order to express one’s music narrative. Online tutorials and guides have made it a lot easier to pickup on music in the 21st century.

Having other people to jam and experiment with also helps in the creative part of engaging music. Good chemistry, encouragement, and exploration of different ideas with other individuals can lower inhibition which can lead to personal breakthroughs in progress. Also seeing live performances can inspire and create a boost seeing other people play. Surrounding yourself around other people playing can be very encouraging, and can instill accountability in areas where improvement is needed.

Implementing time aside periodically to practice music can be rewarding and therapeutic. Being able to make music can also facilitate being able to breakdown and understand songs one may listen to. I highly encourage everyone to at least try to play an instrument or work with software for at least half an hour several times a week. Progress will take time, and will surely not happen overnight. But do not be discouraged, be inspired. The expert in anything was once a beginner.


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