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What They Do Not Tell You To Bring to College

todayAugust 19, 2017 2

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By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

Entering college is one of those life-changing journeys that you only get to experience once. Parents crying as you first step foot in your new dorm, meeting your new random roommate, and getting lost on campus are just some of the joys on this new adventure. Starting your life in a new place can be difficult and sometimes we often forget the things we need to keep us sane throughout the school year. Fortunately, a list of tools is always provided to make sure your move in goes smoothly. This list often includes simple necessities like laundry detergent, a shower caddy, and a reading lamp; but when I was a freshman who specifically bought those items, there were still a few things I wish I had brought along. Here are my top six items that they do not tell you to bring to college, but you most definitely should.

Rain boots/Umbrella

“Nothing is worse than walking into class with squeaky, water filled shoes and drenched clothes.” Photo by Alexandra Cochran.

When you live in a city that has constant flood warnings and random rain downpours, rain boots and umbrellas are a necessity. Nothing is worse than walking into class with squeaky, water filled shoes and drenched clothes. Skip having to buy overpriced campus umbrellas by bringing your own, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Pictures of Friends and Family

Sometimes weeks, or even days, into moving into college you start to feel home sick. College is a different environment and it takes time to get used to living away from your family. A quick way to combat this is by making your room a home away from home and adding photos of friends and family. These photos will act as a reminder that they are always with you no matter where you go.

Clorox Wipes


Whether you are a “clean freak” like me or just want to keep things a little tidier, Clorox wipes are a must have purchase. They are easy to access and prevent you from having to bulk up your closest with cleaning sprays that you probably do not want to use. Also, they come in three packs for only $5.

Face Masks

When you have exams back to back or all your class assignments due on the same day, you are going to need something to relieve some stress. Facemasks range from $1 to $3.50 and are a quick way to keep your skin clear from breakouts and keep yourself relaxed when you feel overwhelmed.

A Planner

Another way to stay stress free is to keep on top of things. As kids we had agendas, calendars, and reminders from teachers, so we knew what assignments were due and when. This responsibility is transferred to you when you enter college, so do not get caught up and buy yourself a planner. You can write your class times, an assignment to do list, and motivational quotes to keep you going throughout the week. Trust me, manually writing these down will help you remember.

Pepper Spray

Some of us get stuck on campus late and whether we are with a friend or by ourselves, pepper spray is a purchase that will make you feel safe at all times. Keep them in your backpack so they are easily accessible, but do not forget to take them out when going to a football game, as they will get confiscated!

I hope all of these items crossed your mind as you were packing for school. If not, there is still time to make these purchases before the semester begins!

Featured image by Alexandra Cochran

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