Do Not Get It Twisted

By Dedrion Weweh
Blog Content Contributor

Dreadlocks. They are either the most laziest or highest maintenance hair style one can embrace. From freeform/neglect to backcombing and twisting, dreads can be produced and maintained via various different methods. This time around (this is my second time with dreads, the first occurred from a lack of brushing and combing) I find myself on the high maintenance end of the spectrum with backcombed dreadlocks that I have had for almost four months now. Yet, a lot of people (including myself before I decided to get them) do not know of the skilled, craft and dedication the hair style requires.

Any deadlocking method excluding freeform styling which involves the individual not combing and brushing their hair, will understand the frequent maintenance required. To start off, my initial backcombing session lasted three and a half hours. The shorter and thinner the dreads, the more involved the maintenance will be. For the first three to six months of the process, the dreads are maturing and have not become firm and fully established with hairs becoming loose and unkept in appearance. Since this occurs, the dreads require frequent re-twisting to ensure they are on track towards proper growth and maturity. I usually get my dreads re-twisted about once a month and will become less frequent as time progresses and my locks mature.

Dee smiling
“I find myself on the high maintenance end of the spectrum with backcombed dreadlocks that I have had for almost four months now.” Photo contributed by Dedrion Weweh.

Another aspect to consider when approaching dreadlocks are the shift in products that you may put in your hair. For example, the most purchased and top branded shampoo/conditioner products from companies such as Neutrogena or Suave, contain residue within their products and are terrible for buildup in dreads. Residue-free products are strongly encouraged when washing locks. Another aspect to consider are the initial decreased hair washes that will occur due to efforts of preventing locking interference. Getting your hair wet in the infancy stage of dreads is discouraged.

One last thing regarding dreads is the diversity the hair style has to offer. Man-bun, braids, tied-back, or having your hair down, there are so many different ways to present your hair. It is also very nice to not have to worry about getting your hair cut, and to just let your hair grow.

Having dreadlocks may be a lot of work, but are well worth it if you are patient. Ranging from frequent re-twisting to shifting hair products, dreadlocks can require a lot of work and attention. But if you are willing to put in the investment, the reward of looking good with styling locks is enticing. I do not see myself cutting my hair anytime soon and absolutely love my dreads.


Featured image contributed by Dedrion Weweh.

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