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Does it Matter Where Your Pet Comes From?

todaySeptember 2, 2017 1

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By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

Twitter users my age are not shy for voicing their daily opinions. When a trending tweet asked for followers to speak up for what they believe in, that is exactly what someone did. A user replied to the original tweet asking for people to “stop buying $2500 dogs from pet stores when there are $60 dogs in shelters that need homes and are being euthanized.” As of July 21, 2017, the tweet has 228,000 retweets and 408,000 likes. It is a viral tweet that sparked a conversation from both sides of the spectrum.

“Can he sit on command? Not always. Retrieve two yards? No. But I bet yours can’t rock the heck outta a Hawaiian shirt like Beans can.” -Bailey Crawford. Photo courtesy of Bailey Crawford and Jonathan Gonzalez via Twitter.

Someone replied to the statement with a picture of their dog saying “No $60 dog looks and behaves like this one”, suggesting you can not find a beautiful dog at a shelter for that price that behaves well. His dog was very beautiful, although you should not have a predisposition that a dog in the shelter will not be as cute as a dog that came from a breeder. And as for behavioral problems, you also should not let this discourage you from adopting through a shelter. There have been many studies conducted that refute both arguments. From these studies, you can conclude that behavior generally depends on much socialization of the dog.

Since psychological problems stem from a dog’s socialization, you have to think of the many scenarios. Not all pet store dogs come from breeders who treat their pups like princes and princesses. Also, lets not forget that puppy mills are real. There are so many scenarios for a dog’s environment, whether it came from a shelter, an alley or pet store. If you are completely against adopting through a shelter, read up on some research. Here is a source that might change your mind if you are not experienced with sheltered animals.

In my opinion, no matter where a dog comes from, you are turning a dog into a trained pet based on your preferences. As a pet owner, you need your dog to conform to its new environment, so there is bound to be some hiccups in their behavior no matter what. For example, a new owner could have a baby, and a dog might act too excited around it and be a little too rough with the kid. My point is, when a dog leaves a shelter or pet store it will need some training. If someone can have enough love and courage to adopt a human being with a tough upbringing, you can have some faith in a dog, regardless of where it came from. At the end of the day, each dog just wants a loving home with their owner till they take their last breath. Enjoy your fur baby.

Featured photo contributed by Jonathan Gonzalez.

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