Tips To Help You Manage Your Emotions

By Jenise Jackson
Blog Content Contributor

Many of us like to claim that we do not have feelings or that no. We allow ourselves to believe that we are completely numb to emotions. While this way of thinking has been somewhat glorified in our generation, it isn’t always the best thing for us. Especially those times when we are surrounded by people who can really irk our souls. We try our best to avoid these people, but sometimes you have to let them know how you feel. Luckily, there are ways to do that without making a big scene. Here are three tips to help better manage your emotions when these situations arise.

Go Ahead and Feel What You Feel

Suppressing your feelings doesn’t make a situation better, in fact it can make things worse. Don’t grant someone more power to rule over you. If you’re feeling some type of way, try to acknowledge it with yourself at that exact moment. Working through your feelings while they are happening is a better method. It allows you to process those feelings and to move one quicker.

Know The Proper Moment To Address Your Feelings With Someone

Just because you should acknowledge your feelings with yourself while they are happening, doesn’t mean you should confront the person that made you feel that way immediately. Sometimes we blow things out of proportion and our feelings aren’t always completely accurate. This is why the first tip is important. If you do decide that the situation needs to be addressed with someone, make sure that you are handling things rationally.

Address Your Feelings With The Objective of Finding Solutions

When confronting someone about how you feel, do not try to make it a matter of who is right and who is wrong. Don’t just state how you feel and then shut everything else out. Be open to seeing the other person’s point of view. The goal is to make sure that they don’t make you feel the way they did again, so put all egos aside and find the proper solutions to the problem.

Always keep in mind that a situation doesn’t have to end in a brawl match. Sometimes you won’t even have to address the situation at all. If you do need to, remember that you can keep it classy with a hint of sassy as long as your emotions are being handled properly.

Featured illustration by Joseph Wallace.

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