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By Lucero Trevino

At this year’s UTOPiAfest, I was lucky enough to interview an artist by the name of Mobley with the help of Renee. We were both covering UTOPiAfest this year and on the second day of the festival we were walking around and noticed that the crowd at one of the stages was going crazy for whoever was on stage at the time. We walk over and see a man singing, but also see that there is a drum set, a keyboard and other instruments that weren’t being used, but were most definitely being heard. Mobley was on stage by himself, but would play all these instruments; sort of a “one man band” you can say. He showed so much passion when performing and even though we got there on his very last song of his set, he became one of my favorite performances of the festival. 

Mobley up on stage on his very last song of his set as he performed “Solo”. Photo by Lucero Trevino.

After his set, Mobley announced he would be on the side of the stage if anyone wanted to meet or chat with him. Renee and I knew we had to get an interview even if it was a brief one! We ended up going on a journey with Mobley in search of water while at the same time doing an interview that he so kindly agreed on. 

Here’s what we were able to chat about:

Mobley: Alright, are you guys ready?

Renee & Lucero: Yeah!

L: So we got here at the end of your set and we only saw your last song, but I mean that was pretty good!

M: Hahah, thank you.

L: But you know we don’t know much about so you know tell us about yourself.

M: I don’t know much about you either.

L: Do you wanna know something about me?

M: Sure

L: Umm, I grew up on the border.

R: Oh so did I!

M: Where?

L: Del Rio, TX

M: Okay what about you? *towards Renee*

L: El Paso

M: Okay both good cities

L: So you know where we grew up. Where did you grow up?

M: Uh all over the place. I was born in North Carolina and I moved to California and Texas and then Europe

L: How did you end up in Texas?

M: My father was a marine so I’ve lived all over the place

R: Where in Europe?

M: England and Spain

L: What’s been your favorite place if you had to choose one place to live at?

M: Spain

L: Why Spain?

M: Uh, the weather, the people, the food, language, and it’s not America.

L: When would you say you got the most inspiration to start music, what time in your life?

M: I think I wanted to be a musician when I was two but I was also like an “over achiever” so I’d get good grades and I was like maybe I’ll be a lawyer or something like that. And then my first day of school at college this drummer followed me home from class and like wouldn’t stop talking to me. Hahah. He came up to my dorm room and then we started a band and this is still that. It’s just me now, but it’s the same project.

L: So what inspired you to be a solo multitalented artist?

M: Having lots of ideas and having a hard time finding people to make them happen. You know? It’s like okay then I’ll just do it myself over and over again until eventually I was doing a bunch of stuff.

L: Yeah. And then is Mobley your stage name or your real real name?

M: I mean a name is whatever people call you right?

L: You’re right. Okay now last question, what’s your favorite joke?

M: My favorite joke?

L: Yeah just like a dad joke or something

M: You


M: hahahahhaha

We also learned that the night before, Mobley was in Paris, so he was super tired today. Renee and I thought he was in Paris, Texas, but to our surprise he was in THE Paris, France. Despite his exhaustion from touring and this festival being his very last stop he performed with so much energy. We asked him some questions, giggled together and as we discovered a new artist in our lives, he gained two more fans. If you ever get the chance to see him live, take it!

Featured image by Lucero Trevino.

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