Get Ready For Sound on Sound Fest

By Hannah Wisterman
Blog Content Contributor

This year, Sound on Sound is bringing the heat with their lineup, with headliners like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pusha T, Iggy Pop, Austra, Kehlani, and much, much more. The festival will be held in Sherwood Forest, southeast from Austin, Texas, from November 10 to 12. You can make camping part of your Sound on Sound experience, either by staying in your own tent kingdom or by checking into one of the festival’s rental options. LINEUP SQUARE

Sound on Sound Fest will also host art installations, vintage clothing vendors, and per Austinite tradition, food trucks and pop-up restaurants. In addition to all the traditional aspects of an Austin musical festival, festival-goers can also enjoy Sherwood Forest’s medieval-style activities, like archery and jousting. This is one case where the venue really makes the festival: Sherwood Forest makes Sound on Sound a completely unique experience.

KTSW will be out and about at the festival, so keep an eye out for our top-notch coverage. Feel free to stop and say hi to us–that is, if you can spot us among all the knights and punk rockers!


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