KTSW + San Marcos = Gold

By DeMornay Harper
Web Content Contributor

KTSW is a staple in San Marcos. More people know our college radio station here than I knew the various stations I grew up with in San Antonio. KTSW has rooted itself so deeply within the San Marcos community that we have to remind ourselves that we are, first and foremost, a part of Texas State. Our ties with this community run deep and prove to be beneficial for both sides. We volunteer, give back and work hand-in-hand with many of the local businesses and venues around town. We love our home here in San Marcos and the one of a kind musicians it provides.

The live stage at Buzz Mill. Photo by Brooke Adams.

The radio station is a huge supporter of the local music scene in San Marcos. With events showcasing the local talent on an almost weekly base, and a team of students promoting these events, you could definitely say it’s in a band’s best interest to plug into KTSW. We have events like the Harvest Live series at Buzz Mill, which hosts two different bands on three separate nights (and it’s free). We also have events like Rock Your Chakras, which is a yoga class with a live concert hosted in Sewell Park (also gloriously free).

As close as KTSW is with the San Marcos community it is even more one with Texas State, specifically the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The opportunities that get funneled towards you by KTSW through Mass Communications are unparalleled to any school I’ve heard of. Our award-winning radio station is built upon students. The real world knowledge we gain and connections we make at KTSW are truly unmatched.

More than anything KTSW is a family. It is a hub for the creative thinkers of our school to communicate and brainstorm without judgment. It is such an accepting environment seeming almost tailor-made for students to flourish. It is a home.

Featured image by Madison Tyson


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