The Land of Milk and Honey: A YouTube Must-See

By Jenise Jackson
Blog Content Contributor

Have you heard about The Land of Milk and Honey? Well thanks to me, you’re about to. A hot, new web series brought to you by writer, producer and creator Miriam Kalala has hit the internet and I’m definitely a fan. In fact, I need to know when the production for season two is going to begin, because just five episodes for season one just isn’t going to be enough.

I heard about The Land of Milk and Honey this summer after having Don Kennedy, who has a role in the series, on my podcast. He told me to check out the trailer and once I did, the deal was sealed. I was going to be somewhere in front of a screen watching the premiere. For someone who spends a decent amount of time on YouTube, I might as well use it watching something truly entertaining. After the first two episodes, one thing I can say I love about this series is that it’s just as relatable as I hoped it would be, from the characters to the plot. It’s college life, it’s real life. As the synopsis via YouTube states, lust, love, faith and fear all intertwine a group of students. This might just sound all too familiar for some of us as we live out our days here at Texas State. The bonus for me is that the cast just screams #BlackExcellence. The Land of Milk and Honey stars KTSW’s Production Director Jourdan Bazley, Xavier Alvarado, Tamara Ross, Sierra Martin, Collins Uzowulu and more. Take the chance on learning these names because I have a feeling they will be big one day.

I’m all for supporting my fellow peers, so I believe you all should show this series’ cast and crew some love by checking out their work. I would sit here and give away spoilers, but I want you to actually sit and enjoy this show for yourself. I will say that I am definitely #TeamMya (sorry Jourdan). To see some of Texas State’s finest talent, please go check out The Land of Milk and Honey on YouTube and follow the series’ accompanying Instagram (@landofmilkhoney) and Twitter (@tlomh).

Featured Image via YouTube

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