Texas State Football is D.O.N.E.

By Andrew Zimmel
Sports Reporter
Voted Least Likely to be on a Sports Illustrated Cover

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Wednesday’s Bobcat Radio show was centered around the Texas State Sports transitioning from Fall into the Winter with Football coming to a close last weekend and Men’s and Women’s Basketball starting to hit their stride with only a few games left before Sun Belt Conference play begins for both teams.

Football really let their fans down their second 2-10 season, capping the entire season off with a 53 point loss to the Troy Trojans. It is a real testament to the heart and resolve of this KTSW Sports staff to continue to push through and cover this team who had little future. Next year however, the team is moving in the right direction with Quarterback Willie Jones taking the helm.

The Basketball teams got the ball rolling with multiple players on the Women’s team being recognized for their stellar play this season so far, and the question is raised that will this team be able to keep moving as quickly as they are without the the wheels falling off.

The Men’s team plays tonight against Texas A&M Coastal Carolina, who is 1-4 so far this season, losing their last four game by 12 points per game. Thursday’s match should be one that the Bobcats should be able to tackle and move on from.

The Volleyball team will host the National Volleyball Invitational rounds one and two this next week with SMU, Rice and Texas Tech all coming in and playing games in San Marcos.

The show wrapped up with mid week spotlight and talking about how the NFL playoffs are rounding out. Tune into Bobcat Radio this Friday at 11 to noon!

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