Riding the Pine: Episode Five

By Andrew Zimmel
Riding the Pine Host
Santa Claus Impersonator

This is the last pod before Christmas, so plug in some sports talk while Dad and Grandpa argue over who the Prime Minister of the North Pole is. This week Brenden Snow and I jump into the very poor showing from the Texas State men’s basketball team resulting in a blowout loss. Personally, I think it was because of rebounding but you’ll have to listen to the wrong opinion my partner has. The women’s team is rolling, which leads to the debate of who the real leader of this team is and how they will do as the pre-conference starts to end and the real action begins.

Of course, Worst Audio Of The Week (this audio could win an Oscar, it’s so funny) and the picks Brenden got wrong last week (2-3), and the picks that I have, this week.

The Worst Audio Of the Week consists of our favorite Bobcat Radio show that isn’t Wednesday, Friday. Parker Rhea, Reed Graff and Alex Gibbs sit down and have an interview with Volleyball’s Sophomore star, Micah Dinwiddie. In an extremely relaxed interview the gang wanders off talking about music (Deja Vu) and Parker, the Sports Director himself has some fun things to say.

Friday – Boston Celtics @ San Antonio Spurs


Saturday – Army vs. Navy


Sunday – New York Jets @ Denver Broncos

Jets (LOL)

Sunday – Philadelphia Eagles @ Los Angeles Rams


Sunday – Seattle Seahawks @ Jackson Jaguars


(Three road teams? That’s absurd!)

With this being the last show of 2017, we give our wild NFL playoff predictions (Brenden has the Chargers winning the AFC West?!) and touch on the College Football Playoff.

Remember, never bet on the Buffalo Bills and get off the bench and get out there.

Featured illustration by Erin Garrigan.

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