How Millennials Should Think of Aging

By Rikki Yanez
Blog Content Contributor

We are young, and perhaps we are not living in the moment. We constantly think about the future and how we need to prepare ourselves for it. We’re constantly stressing over school, work or thinking of ways to please the people around us. The time that has passed us by that we spent worrying about stuff that we shouldn’t be stressing over is something we can’t get back. This is how millennials should be thinking about aging.

The time we spend worrying is time we can’t get back. Photo by Rikki Yanez.

These four years of college seem to go by within a blink of an eye, and by the time we know it, it’s close to graduating and we are searching for a career. Before graduating, you stop to think of how those years have passed you by, without noticing it and you notice you’ve gotten older as well. Time starts to seem like a scary thing because you’re getting older which means we will have to go through much more obstacles than ever before. It also means for most part that we won’t be capable to do a lot of things. However, if you accept that aging is just a part of life, and can be a delightful thing, you will be able to live in the moment as well as actually enjoy it.

When we think of aging, we tend to think about all the negative things that comes with aging. Some of us are also just afraid to get older because that means we have to let go of the way we are now. However, no one really stops to think about how when we get older we are more focused on ourselves which tend to improve our moods. Year after year, we gain more knowledge by the experiences we’ve gone through and being able to learn more about our surroundings by being educated. Being scared of getting older is irrelevant once you get passed thinking of what others think and understanding what you want in life. Once we figure out these things perhaps it means we can be young again in a sense of actually feeling alive and living for ourselves. Life doesn’t stop at our 20s, we condition ourselves to work hard at all things we want in life. However, we have so much time in our lives to do what we want.

Featured image by Rikki Yanez.

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