Spaceventure: “Spilot”

By Iris Gonzalez
Other Side Drive Segment Producer

Space! Adventure! Mash ‘em up and season with some good ol’ rootin’, tootin’ and lootin’ to get Spaceventure! An original air series by Iris Gonzalez. In “Spilot,” we meet Nikhil Patel, a sprightly human Martian who’s just about ready to face the consequences of a nearly deadly past blunder… or at least he was before a member of the ultra-fearsome Botan Empire threatens to blow him and his space boot camp buddies up. Click play to hear how this space gets ventured!

This episode features intro and outro music by the incomparable Eloisa Sutphin, as well as the voices of the following amazing people:

Kimberly Clay as Sangeeta Patel, various aliens and LUNA
Skyler Atkeisson as Nikhil Patel
Chase Massey as the Announcer, various aliens and Norwhal
Iris Gonzalez as Keeri, various aliens and Eteya
Geronimo Perez as various aliens and Mar
Aaron Derton as various aliens

Thanks once again to everyone who helped to make Spaceventure happen– here’s to another three episodes and many more sleepless nights!

Featured image by Erin Garrigan.

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