Introducing Azizi Gibson

By Guarionex Molina Martinez
Rap Journalist

Artist: Azizi Gibson

Azizi Gibson is an artist with a very unique take on rap music as a whole. He is constantly developing and improving upon his own sounds is definitely one of the artists to keep on your radar for 2018.  Born in Frankfurt, Germany on a military base, Gibson labels himself an “Army Brat.” Though he was born there, he then moved to Taiwan where he spent the majority of his childhood. Now he lives in California where he is continuing to push his own sound and break into the mainstream while keeping true to himself as an artist.

Though he has been in the music scene for quite a while now, the first hint we got of Azizi’s true talent was at the drop of one his very first mixtapes called Ghost in the Shell. For a mixtape that seemed to come out of nowhere, it quickly garnered a cult following in the same way that artists such as BONES and Xavier Wulf have had in the recent years. Though he was steadily putting up numbers on SoundCloud, he still wasn’t really catching onto mainstream listeners or any labels until he was scouted and signed onto Brainfeeder (the record label owned by Flying Lotus), staying  for a year or so until  later deciding to go independent.

He later went on to create his own brand/label now known as preHISTORIC, which he constantly references on much of his newer music. Azizi Gibson brings many quirks to the table, one being his personality. He constantly references his love for anything nerd culture and he’s an avid fan of anime, video games, and movies. These all make Azizi feel as though he could be someone you may very well know as his own down to earth personality shines through his music and social media.

Azizi Gibson is high up on my list of favorite artists for not only his music, but his genuine personality as a whole and I hope to introduce many to the amazing discography he already has out while at the same time letting you all know that he has new joint mixtape with Hippie Sabotage called Hentai coming out later this month. There’s one thing about Azizi you can’t knock and that’s his constant flow of work as just last year he dropped two whole projects with words that this year they’ll be even more. Now would be the perfect time to check such an incredible artist out as it truly prime time for him.

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