Gallery: Campus Divided by Student Government

todayFebruary 19, 2018 31 10

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By Brooke Adams
Multimedia Director

Two weeks ago on Feb. 5, students gathered at the Fighting Stallions to rally before marching together to the student government public forum on the impeachment of student body president Connor Clegg. Chants of “Connor Clegg has got to go” filled the LBJ teaching theater as students took their seats and prepared statements for Clegg and the student senators. In the week prior to this forum, posts were uncovered from Clegg’s personal Instagram account containing racial slurs and lewd jokes. For many students, this felt like another in a long list of grievances against the Clegg administration.

The articles of impeachment against Clegg are expected to be introduced at today’s student government meeting. This happens to fall on the first day of elections for next year’s Student Government Association. Texas State students can follow this link to see statements from the candidates and voting is open through Feb. 22.

Featured image by Brooke Adams.

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