Texas Primaries Enter Final Stretch

By Aaron J. Derton
News Director

Candidates for office all over Texas are campaigning hard as the 2018 primaries enter their final week. KTSW hosted two debates for local Texas House District 45, which encompasses Hays and Blanco Counties.

The Republican candidates in the primary are Amy Akers, Amber Pearce, Naomi Narvaiz, Ken Strange and Austin Talley. Only Ms. Narvaiz and Mr. Talley participated in the debate held on Jan. 30th.

The Democrats are Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Les Carnes and Erin Zwiener. All three came to the Feb. 16th debate.

Candidates from both parties answered questions about their stances on environmental issues, public education and the legalization of marijuana, to name a few. Highlights from the debates can be found above, or listen online at ktsw.net on Sunday at 11 a.m.

Election day is March sixth.

Featured image by Shannon Sampson.

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