Philosophy Mixed: People’s Court

By Kimberly Clay
Other Side Drive Executive Producer

In people’s court, prosecutors and defense attorneys are absent and individuals represent themselves. These courts are often referred to as “inferior courts,” or lower courts, because of the simplicity of what they handle and the way they function. However, they can play an important role in allowing us to rethink legal theory and the way the judicial system operates.

Dr. Vincent Luizzi and Dr. Audwin Anderson of the Texas State Philosophy department dive into the topic of people’s courts with Dr. Farinas and Dr. Baltzly, discussing the way people’s courts operate and how they can influence change in the way we view justice and law.

Dr. Luizzi’s book Appeal to the People’s Court: Rethinking Law, Judging, and Punishment is expected to be released in May. For further reading, we also recommend Logical Method and Law by John Dewey.

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