Austin Festival Express Showcase

By Nicole Wolf

The American Beer Garden Brewing Company (The ABGB) hosted an unofficial SXSW party on March 14, 2018, hosting bands such as Croy and the Boys, Caroline Rose and The Mammoths. The party was free for all ages as long as you made sure to RSVP beforehand. The ABGB was filled with the music-loving people of Austin who danced along to almost every band, but especially during Croy and the Boys. Caroline Rose’s performance was electric and their quirky stage decorations consisted of lighted garland made out of red chili peppers. The crowd was mesmerized during The Mammoth’s set, mostly because the lead singer, David Kapsner, performed barefoot! Every band put on phenomenal performances while their fans kicked-back and enjoyed a few beers.

All Photos by Nicole Wolf.

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