Altercation Punk Rock BBQ Gallery

By Nicole Wolf

March 17, 2018. The café/bar was filled with tattooed, leather-wearing punk rock fans eating free BBQ and drinking free beer. Bands such as Despero, Steadfast, Heels, Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5, and Fat by the Gallon played their hearts out to the crowd. Every band’s set consisted of killer guitar riffs and non-conformist lyrics. If you wanted to take a break from the music, they had tents set up outside the café where people were talking around tables as they ate and drank. It was almost impossible to speak inside café while a band was playing; the baristas impressively got drink orders by just reading people’s lips. The whole event had a homey feeling; everyone was kind and inclusive while jamming out to some rockin’ bands.

All Photos by Nicole Wolf.

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