BB’s Beef and Hot Dog

By Allison Johnson
Assistant Web Content Manager

Charles Rivers and Arianna Richards are two of the newest business owners in San Marcos. Charles is a 20-year-old business management major and Arianna is a 20-year-old exercise & sports science major. Charles’ parents are from Chicago. This is where the Chicago inspired food comes from. When Charles and his family moved to Houston in 2008, they started a restaurant. Charles got to witness the process of his family starting a business. He was there every step of the way to see his parents’ business go from a restaurant, to a food trailer, and lastly a food truck.

His father eventually decided to pass on the food truck to Charles. Charles and his girlfriend Arianna initiated to start the business again. Charles is in the process of getting a permit to relocate his truck to Street Eats next to Rooftop on the Square.

Chicago is on my list of places to visit and possibly even live in one day. I can’t wait to have a sneak peak of Chicago inspired food located here in San Marcos. So what makes Chicago food special? Chicago is a diverse area, and with diversity comes the mixture of cultures. A lot of the food reigns from Italy. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try some pizza puffs. Sounds like a major step up from frozen pizza rolls.

A quick eat like pizza puffs and hot dogs is the perfect evening meal. Especially after a night out on the square. The food truck will be in the perfect location. Charles is very grateful to be a business owner, and is especially thankful for his parents’ support, but as many entrepreneurs, he realizes it’s easier to have a team of people with the same goals to help the business grow. Charles and Arianna would like some extra help soon.

Be on the lookout when they plan to expand their team. For now, follow them on Twitter and check out their menu.  BB’s Beef and Hot Dog is open from 6:30-11 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Contact them at

Featured photo courtesy of Charles Rivers.

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