Turnover in Concert

By Nicole Wolf

Turnover, an indie rock band from Virginia, is one of those bands you can play on your Spotify while you relax on a rainy day drinking a hot cup of coffee. I had never attended a concert where the band’s music was so chill, so I had no idea what to expect when I showed up to Mohawk on April 5.

The evening did not start out well for me. I was supposed to be on the guest list for a photo pass, but the man working will call said I was not on the list. The Mohawk employee then proceeded to take over half an hour to find a manager to talk to me about getting in. The manager refused to talk to me and kept sending the man back to me saying there was nothing the venue could do. Eventually I got tired of arguing with a venue who clearly wasn’t willing to solve the issue, so I ended up purchasing a ticket to get in. Once I was in the venue, the rest of the evening went smoothly!

Since it took so long to get into the venue, I missed the first opening band Summer Salt. I made it in time to see the next band, Mannequin P***y, perform their set. I had never heard of Mannequin P***y before, nor did I know any of their music. The punk rock band from Pennsylvania put on a true rock ‘n’ roll show. The lead vocals and guitar riffs had the crowd screaming and jumping around for the whole set.

Turnover went on stage about 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, which bands never do. They started with the song, “Super Natural,” off their new record. Every person in Mohawk was singing along with lead vocalist Austin Getz. Turnover’s stage setup consisted of about 15 TVs set up behind the band showing graphics that went along with the song the band was playing. During “Humming,” the TVs showed the view of a person driving a car down a highway, which I think compliments the song’s theme of falling fast in love. Turnover ended their set with their most popular song, “Dizzy On the Comedown.” The walls of the venue vibrated from the hundreds of people singing along to the dream-pop song chanting “bah bah bada.”


All photos by Nicole Wolf.

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