Hundred Plus Club: Everybody’s Friend EP Review

By Cheyenne Young
Music Journalist

Artist: Hundred Plus Club
Album: Everybody’s Friend EP
Label: Admirable Traits Records
Release Date: November 24, 2017
If you have ever had a die-hard crush, been friendzoned or dated someone you really wish you hadn’t, then this is the EP for you. The Everybody’s Friend EP is Hundred Plus Club’s second release, the first being their For You EP released in 2016. The indie-rock band is made up of singer/guitarist Zain Shairazi, guitarist Josh Gidwitz, bassist Rafi Bloomberg and drummer Burak Spoth. Their EP’s both have a similar feel to them with their head banging drum beats and intense guitar solos. The music is an all-around good time even when the lyrics describe a not-so good time.

The EP is composed of six songs about falling in and out of love, or what they believe love to be.

“Grilled Cheese for Stephanie” is about a girl that he likes, but she is just not that into him. He describes his desire to get out of the friendzone when he sings, “you said you had a good time/is that enough to change your mind” as he tries to spark some chemistry. The song “Exit” is about ending a relationship that is seemingly going nowhere and neither party is happy. He talks about how they both wish they could get back the time that they wasted as he sings, “we’ve had four months to decide and no chance to rewind.” The final track “Split” is about breaking down each other’s walls and the vulnerability involved in falling for someone new. This idea plays itself out as he sings, “you’re splittin’ in two and under your breath you both are wishing for the best.” Crushes, confusion and heartbreak the lyrics are all too relatable and the short EP leaves you wanting more.

The title of the EP is fitting and seems to play off of the idea that he is always the friend and not the boyfriend. He seems to want something real but continues to fall short and ends up wasting time with the wrong people. Everybody’s Friend is a rocking EP and makes for a quality listen.

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