An Open Letter to Moms

By Hannah Holder
Blog Content Contributor

A mother is your first friend and your forever friend. A mother’s love is truly unconditional; through the process of giving birth, the needy stages as a child, the troublesome stages as a teenager and the stages as a busy adult. A mother’s love is infinite and indescribable, which makes writing this so easy. With Mother’s Day around the corner, let’s begin to thank our lucky stars for providing us with our angel of a mom.

Thank you for not judging

Throughout life, I have faced mistrials, embarrassments and disappointments; yet, you never judged me for it. You helped me land back on my feet and encouraged me to become stronger from my mistakes just like you have. You do not judge when you see me for who I truly am: my grumpy side when I’m hungry, my wild hair and morning breath when I come to eat breakfast, my annoying habits, and most importantly my personal decisions that you may not always approve of.

When you judge, you judge for the better. I may not always see it that way at first, but eventually I do because I know you just want what’s best for me. At times, you may smother me too much by deciding on where I go, what I do or who I’m with. However, I know you do this because you still see me as your little baby that you want to keep safe. I know I am not perfect, but in your eyes I am.

Thank you for being a role model

You were my first friend and my first role model. I might even say you were my first hero. I knew you were my first friend when you would complete a puzzle with me for the twentieth time. You were my first teacher when you taught me my colors, numbers and shapes. You even encouraged me to read everyday, whether I liked it or not. You were the first person to show me how to clean up after myself by doing chores around the house.

A picture of my lovely mom and I. Photo by Hannah Holder.

You were the first person to teach me responsibility when you made me get a job to pay for things I wanted. You were the first person to push me to go to college, even when I thought I wasn’t smart enough. You were the person that was there to celebrate all my birthdays, every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and countless graduations. You were there for it all; your input throughout my course in life has shaped me into the person I am today. So thank you, thank you for being my role model.

Thank you for the unconditional love

You’ve seen me at my worst and you’ve seen me at my best. You have seen me change throughout stages in life, but your love for me has never changed. I know it will never change either. You have loved me immensely from the beginning and will continue to love me just as much until the end, ‘til death do us part. As I get older, I see your love for me shine in different ways. So again, thank you, thank you for loving me unconditionally.

You are always appreciated, always thought of and always loved. My forever friend.


Featured image by Hannah Holder.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Moms

  1. What a beautifully written testimony to Mom’s and especially the impact your Mom has had in your life. God gives us many blessings and your development as a person and adult is a heartwarming. Your Mom, Dad and family are proud of your maturity and especially the gift of putting your thoughts to words.

  2. Wow!! That was beautiful. You were blessed by having a beautiful Mom and great role model. 💜💜💜

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