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What Are Your Summer Plans

todayMay 10, 2018 27

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By Rikki Yanez
Blog Content Contributor

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Doing activities during the summer is better for you mentally than doing nothing at all.

Finally, the end of the semester has arrived and the summer break is starting to begin for most college students. For some reason the spring semester always feels the hardest to get through. During this whole semester I was constantly looking forward for the end of it, since I was finally going to have a chance to physically and mentally relax. However, while thinking about all the time I was going to have during the summer, aside from working my job, I felt like I was bound to get bored after a while. Like most students will do, I decided to push myself to participate in more organizations, and go back to working full-time for the summer. However, for those students who aren’t quite sure what to do with their summer break here are a couple of things to do.

Keeping Yourself Busy

Depending on what year you are in, your summer plans or goals are going to be different. For those who are close to graduating, an internship is something that can be a good thing to do during this time. Internships can either provide you with the experience you need or give you the opportunity with the company you are interning with. For those who are wanting to graduate on time or earlier, taking summer class can be beneficial. For those who don’t know, summer classes are divided into two sections, so you can choose whether you want to take classes in the first half of the summer or the second half. This will still leave you time to do other things you would like to do during the break. However, for those students who are wanting to keep busy, but not take classes, a summer job is another option to do. Sometimes summer jobs can feel like tiring, however, it does mean you will have income, which you can save for bills, school, or any activities that you would like to do.

Taking A Break

For those students that felt completely drained, physically and mentally, from the spring semester and need this break to recover, some summer plans can include traveling, picking up hobbies, going to concerts, or simply going back to your hometown to visit your family and friends. These are all great ways to preoccupy your time and do things that you’ve never had the chance to do during the semester. Every summer there will be those students who use this time to take vacations with their family and friends which is a good way to clear the mind and take in new experiences. Summer is a good time to also catch up on the hobbies you had before getting bombarded with exams. Picking back up or getting into hobbies is a good way to enjoy your own time. Since most students in college come from all over it’s sometimes hard to find time to keep in touch or even visit your family, so using this time to spend with them can help with that feeling of being homesick.

Whatever your summer plans or goals are just try to enjoy your time and don’t over work yourself too much. Everyone should take some “me time” every now and then. Having things to during breaks not only prevents your from boredom, but it also helps stimulate the brain. Doing activities whether it involves school work, or spending time with family and friends is better for you mentally than doing literally nothing. Hope you enjoy your break and live it up!

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