Kitty getting ready to jam out to the newest summer playlist

Local Listings for Summer 2018

By Eric McKeefer
Local Music Journalist

Although many Texas State students have left to go home, and San Marcos sometimes feels empty, here at KTSW we are as busy as ever bringing you new and exciting updates from the world of music to make these long hot days not so unbearable.

Here’s a fresh NEW playlist!!

That’s right. I’ve created a playlist of local artist for your summer trips that sure to keep things cool and relaxed all summer long. First is Israel Nash’s single “Rolling On.” This track transmits a simple sentiment that reminds me of of floating in the Texas heat and letting go of all real world worries until the sun sets. From Rusty Dusty’s new album, I added the blue rockin’ tune “Brain Stem,” that carries the listener along a rocky road with frequent stops and uphill battles. “Longer” by SMiiLE picks up the pace with dancing guitar chords, wacky synth lines, and the vocal harmonies that always make it so much fun to listen to and perfect for sing-alongs in the car. “Denial” by TC Superstar, a single released last semester, keeps the dancing going with quirky drum machines, classic synth chords and the lead singers deep melodies. Wonderbitch expands on this sound in “Run Ya.” At this point if you’re not dancing with the bass you might be overheated.

Next we dive straight into the lofi jams of Moon Dunes’ “Dog Sitting Scam” (I encourage you to let this dynamic shift highlight the artists’ choices in production styles). Further down the psych-jam rabbit hole we end with the epic “Wings Of Ra” from Golden Dawn Arkestra’s newest release Children Of The Sun. The large production that is entangled with desert sounds is a pure reflection of our seemingly endless summer here in Central Texas.


  1. “Rolling On” by Israel Nash
  2. “Brian Stem” by Rusty Dusty
  3. “Longer” by SMiiLE
  4. “Denial” by TC Superstar
  5. “Run Ya” by Wonderbitch
  6. “Dog Sitting Scam” by Moon Dunes
  7. “Wings Of Run” by Golden Dawn Arkestra

Here are some exciting events to catch this summer if your staying in the San Marcos area:


Featured image by Eric McKeefer.

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