A collage of shapes of Texas and nautical stars on a gray background.

Think Small in the Lone Star State This Summer

By Garrett McGinley
Web Content Contributor

July is a busy travel month for Texans. Many will look out of state and abroad for potential vacation spots, while ignoring the hidden gems found here in the lone star state.

Texas boasts over 268,000 square miles and within that, a plethora of charmingly small towns scattered across the map. Rather than a trip to a cliché spot, try unwinding in these unique Texas towns this summer.


Only 20 minutes from San Marcos, Wimberly is quaint little town tucked into the heart of the hill country. Wimberley is well known for its legendary swimming holes, Jacob’s Well and Blue Hole, but also possesses other attractions like Bella Vista Ranch and the Wimberley Zipline Adventures.

Port Isabel

Just a trip across the bay from South Padre Island, Port Isabel is a beach town jam packed with history. The towns historic lighthouse dates to the 1850s and offers a 16-mile view from the top. Along with the lighthouse, Port Isabel offers several other museums to explore. It’s the perfect mix for beachgoers and history buffs.


Known as the “bed and breakfast capital of east Texas,” Jefferson is quirky town near the Texas/Louisiana border. Despite the pleasant exterior, Jefferson is also home to the alleged most haunted place in Texas. The Grove has an extravagant history of unexplained instances such as mysterious voices and objects moving on their own. A ghostly woman is said to haunt this building.


One of the oddest towns in west Texas is a hub for the arts. Marfa is home to many minimalistic art galleries and installations, but the Prada Marfa is probably the most notable. The sculpture resembles a full Prada store and was placed on U.S. Highway 90 about 30 miles northwest of Marfa. Marfa is also home to the Marfa Lights, a bizarre atmospheric phenomenon that some consider to be paranormal.

Featured image by Garrett McGinley.




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