Is Baby Fever the New Trend?

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By Rikki Yanez
Blog Content Contributor

Just recently reality TV star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians and creator of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner had her first baby. Jenner has been the topic of discussion across social media for a variety of reasons. However, the one the stands out most, and is most common in today’s society, is the fact that she had a baby at 20 years old. Most people don’t live the lavish lifestyle Jenner lives, and for the most part, they get frowned upon by either their relatives, peers, and even people they may not know for having a baby at what’s considered your prime years. People expect average people to get an education and get a job first in order to be prepaid financially and become a full adult that understands what they are getting themselves into. However, when women get pregnant at a young age they consider their morals, religion, financial situation and what they want in life which will determine their decision to keep the baby or not. So, does being pregnant at a young age whether you’re financially stable or not determine if you should be praised or being seen as a burden?

The Typical American:

According to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, 50 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S.are unplanned and most of the women are young adults. Also, most young adults aren’t emotionally and financially prepared when it comes to having a baby. Those babies that are being born from unplanned pregnancies may suffer from physical and emotional challenges. The young adults often don’t have any room for personal growth and achievement.

Everyone is critical of young adults in this situation. However, knowing friends and family who are in situations of having unplanned pregnancies and have gone through the decision-making about keeping the baby or not, but they work hard to support their child with everything they might need. They could be going through financial struggles and somehow still manage to raise their child as best as they can. People who are four or five years older could be having a baby that was unplanned and possibly be having financial difficulties, yet you won’t see anyone criticizing them since society has a set age when having kids is seen as normal. There’s not that much of a difference than the two aside from being a couple years older or younger.


Kylie Jenner announces her baby the day of the Super Bowl via @KenjiDrake11 on Twitter. Screenshot by Rikki Yanez.

Ever since Kylie Jenner had her baby, many people on social media have been praising her. For nine months, rumors flew around leaving people wondering if she was pregnant or not; when she finally confirmed the rumors to be true, she did it in a way that seems as if she was promoting one of her makeup products by announcing it on Instagram the day of the Super Bowl. Restating again, not many young adults have the luxury of being able to afford almost anything they would like, so for Jenner to exploit her pregnancy and market it to people is something that people should think about. Having a baby at a young age is not an easy thing to do, especially if you aren’t surrounded in a supportive environment and not well off financially.


Back in the day, having kids at a young age was seen as the normal things to do. However, things have changed over time. If you are going to be biased against young adults who have kids, you shouldn’t judge them based off the way they are living. Getting rid of the double standards is something that we all should be working towards. After all, people will choose what they want to do in life, so judging won’t do any help.

Featured image by Janessa Rutiaga.

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