"KTSW's Back to School Broadcast" in white font on a blue and black background.

KTSW’s Back to School Broadcast: Our Friends Weigh In

By Hannah Wisterman
Assistant Web Editor

Ready or not, Bobcats, here the semester comes. The Texas heat is just getting started and  so are we. We’re kicking off your semester with our annual Back to School Broadcast, a collection of tips, tricks and information to help your start at Texas State go as smooth as the San Marcos River. Listen in this weekend to hear some of our best interviews with staff and resources, or listen to to them here!

Writing Center – by Anne Cox (Production Director)

Campus Recreation – by Clayton Chaney 

Healthy Cats – by Janessa Rutiaga (Web Content Manager)

Student Government – by Reily Chestnut (Sports Director)

Attorney for Students – by Victoria Vasquez (Multimedia Director)

Coach Chisum – by Reily Chestnut (Sports Director)

Director of Football – by Reily Chestnut (Sports Director)

Featured image by Hannah Wisterman.

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