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Back to School Broadcast

B2SB: First Generation Students are Not Alone

By Timia CobbWeb Content Contributor Tatiana Torres and I sat down and had a conversation over our mutual struggle of being first-generation college students. First-generation students are coming from households where either one or neither parent has attended a university or attained a bachelor’s degree. These students do not have access to resources that make it easy to apply to colleges, to help them fill out financial aid or to […]

todayAugust 17, 2020 2

Back to School Broadcast

B2SB: Peer Mentoring

By Piper BlakeWeb Content Manager Peer mentors are great resources for incoming freshmen! As a freshman, you are assigned a peer mentor through your University Seminar class. This is the class where freshmen can explore the Texas State campus and meet students that are going through the same transition period as one another. Each University Seminar class has a Peer Mentor that reaches out to the students in the class […]

todayAugust 16, 2020 1

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To Kill the Coronavirus

 By Tiger ShiWeb Content Contributor The question looms large over the heads of President Denise Trauth and Texas State students as to whether or not reopen the campus for business as usual pre-pandemic era. Universities are technically a business--they need money to survive. A risk that faces Texas State’s potential reopening would endanger the health of everyone: students and faculty alike. There are calls on the administration to move classes […]

todayJuly 21, 2020

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How To Be Prepared For This Semester

By Piper Blake Web Content Contributor Whether you are an incoming freshman or soon-to-be-senior, heading back to classes after a long break isn’t always a great time. Now that we are finally past our first two weeks of the new semester, classes are beginning to get a routine down. This also means students are becoming aware of what is expected from their teachers. Being prepared for those classes is a […]

todayFebruary 5, 2019 4

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Five Tips for a Successful Semester

By Anna Valdez Web Content Contributor  It is a new semester which means new professors, new classmates and new opportunities to be your best self. For many, this is the start of a completely fresh chapter in their lives, and that can be nerve-racking. The good news is that almost everyone has felt that way at one point or another. College is part of becoming an adult, and it is […]

todaySeptember 13, 2018

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Back to School Broadcast

KTSW’s Back to School Broadcast: Our Friends Weigh In

By Hannah Wisterman Assistant Web Editor Ready or not, Bobcats, here the semester comes. The Texas heat is just getting started and  so are we. We're kicking off your semester with our annual Back to School Broadcast, a collection of tips, tricks and information to help your start at Texas State go as smooth as the San Marcos River. Listen in this weekend to hear some of our best interviews […]

todayAugust 18, 2018 3

"KTSW's Back to School Broadcast" in white font on a blue and black background.

Back to School Broadcast

KTSW’s Back to School Broadcast: Our Tips

By Hannah Wisterman Assistant Web Editor Well, Bobcats, the clock is ticking: the new semester is right around the corner! Whether you're a senior approaching your final lap, a transfer who's new to San Marcos, or a freshman with no idea how to do college, KTSW is here for you with our annual Back to School Broadcast. Stream live or tune in this weekend to hear our all best advice […]

todayAugust 18, 2018 3

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Don’t Abuse Your Class GroupMe

By Allison Johnson Blog Content Contributor Many people begin the semester emailing GroupMe invites to the entire class. “Let’s have a way of communication to exchange notes,” said the GroupMe owner. Not a bad idea. After all, if we miss class we all know the professor is going to tell us to get notes from a classmate. Whether it’s sharing notes or forming study groups, GroupMe can be very useful. […]

todayJanuary 23, 2018 15

Back to School Broadcast

Guide to Success: How to Grocery Shop as a College Kid

Brittney Hemmands Blog Content Contributor At the beginning ages of our lives, our parents were the ones who bought groceries for us. Our diets would contain some of the same things our parents ate, which is why getting to college and figuring out what to eat can be quite tricky. Multitudes of college students turn to ramen noodle soup and granola bars for quick fixes, but with busy class schedules […]

todayAugust 20, 2017 1

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