Remo Drive plays a new untitled song for the crowd

A Pop Punk Fantasy

By Julian Saldana

Remo Drive is an upcoming pop punk band that are on their first headlining tour. They will be performing at Barracuda on September 4, 2018, and they are bringing along alt-pop artist Beach Bunny and folk artist Field Medic. This is Remo Drive’s second time preforming at Barracuda which they did not disappoint the crowd. They opened their set by playing three new songs and finishing it by playing all their hits.

The pictures capture the artist true emotions while they are putting on a show. The face range from contraction on playing their instrument to pure joy because all their hard work payed off and they are living their dreams. Many of the fans jumped, literally, at the opportunity to start a mosh. Many of the artist were even jumping into the pit and getting a good crowd surf in.

All photos by Julian Salanda.

One thought on “A Pop Punk Fantasy

  1. Good job Julian! By the way it’s me Bryan, oh I just noticed there’s a box for your name but I’m gonna leave this in. Love you mwah.

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